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Mkultra - Performance Installation Encounter

Artist Statement

Mkultra create intimate encounters between performers and audiences - delicate negotiations questioning how we meet another and the roles we play to get by. Performers and audience often share the same space interacting directly with one another - the possibility of meeting is always present.

Mkultra is a group of artists working collectively to create new works for theatres, galleries and found spaces. Under the direction of Peader Kirk, the group has created 12 pieces since 2001 and these have been presented internationally in the UK, Greece and Italy.

The work is often site responsive. Using a 'real' location as the base material, incorporating and developing its' physical & social architecture with overlays of sound and object installation; working beyond theatre time and utilising distinctive performer/audience formats

The work engages with the real (task based work), the reproduced (events from the biographies of the performers and other "stolen" biographies) and the rehearsed (social architectures). Through the use of repetition and pattern the work seeks to rupture the surface of representation and actively re-negotiate the idea of liveness.