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I thought of the sun and the sea…

Two people face each other across a table. They talk of art and life, of changing the world. They talk of pain and escape; and when it all gets too much they try to think of "the sun and the sea".

[ click to download the PDF (184kb) for full project information ]

Performances: Shunt Lounge November 2009 and Touring

Lead Artists : Peader Kirk & Juliet Prauge

Astor Agustsson, Tim Bell, Alfie Boyd, Suzannah Bryce, Isabel Carr, Jose Estudillo,
Julia Finch, Mark Fitzgerald. Martin Gent, Rob Hale, Greg Henderson-Begg, Laura Hooper,
Peader Kirk, Bloux Kirkby, Natasha Maggi, John Matthews, Marcus McCullum,
Michael McFarlane, Juliet Prague,, Cassie Raine, Jonnie Riordan, Natalie Scott,
Marcus Sydenham, Gaby Szabo,, Caroline Wildi, Lucy Wilson, Rosie Woodward.