Mkultra - Performance Installation Encounter

Past Projects

22 Rooms

Technopolis Athens, 2003
Large scale walk-through performance installation in disused Gas works
Duration 6 Hours (individual audience experience 1hr 15 mins)

30 performers take you on a journey through the night and our darkest fears. Combining intimate confessions and half remembered dreams 22 Rooms blurs the line between sleeping and waking.

There's birthday cake and a girl hidden in a maze, there's a man with a knife who wants to make everything alright, there's a sweet lullaby and a last goodbye, there's poisoned apples and princes and lots and lots of your favourite toys.

22 Rooms is an immersive experience, the audience enter in groups of four every fifteen minutes and are then separated to travel alone through performance installations where they have one-on-one encounters with a performer. After an hour they emerge into the world unsure of what is life and what is the dream. No two audience members have the same experience or see all of the performance installations in the space.

Gigi Argyropoulou, Nick Chambers, Dimitris Daskas, Vasiliki Dimou,
Antonia Doggett, Xari Marini, Kostas Papakontstantinou, Elena Passou,
Anna Porfiri, Juliet Prague, Nikos Sabalis, Stefanie Sachnenmaier,
Sofia Tsinari, Natassa Xydi

Lighting Design: Kristina Hjelm

Direction: Peader Kirk