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30,000 Lies or more


Mkultra - Performance Installation Encounter

Past Projects

30,000 Lies or more

Court House Turin, 2005
Large scale walk-through performance installation in (disused Gas works) old Court House
Duration 24 Hours

We decided that for twenty four hours twelve performers would lie about themselves, each other and the world ­ except in any hour one of them would tell nothing but the truth. But can you tell who? What do you believe?

They gave us the Old Court of Turin and we planted grass and trees to make a refuge, balloons and bones to make a schoolroom, we papered a hideout with revolutionary slogans and carpeted a bridal room with half a tonne of rice.

I lie to you.
I lie to you because you will believe me.
I lie to you because I can't stand it when you cry.
I lie to you because it is better than the truth.

Gigi Argyropoulou, Lisandro Caligaris, Giusy Francia, Taylan Halici, Carlo Nigra, Juliet Prague, Mattia Rinaldi, Roberta Romoli, Stefanie Sachsenmaier, Carlotta Scioldo, Maja Topsoe-Jensen, Natassa Xydi

Lighting Design: Kristina Hjelm

Direction: Peader Kirk