Mkultra - Performance Installation Encounter

Past Projects


Arcola / Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) London, 2002
Studio performance Duration 1hr 30 mins

Always is living someone else's life to escape your own

Always is desperate acts and total commitment

Always is believing

Four people meet in an archive. They all seem to be researching the RAF (Red Army Faction) aka the Baader-Meinhoff Gang. They begin to act out events from the history of the group but fail to measure up. Increasingly unsure of what is real and what is re-enactment they confront the final moments in the lives of the RAF and their own struggles to commit to each other. Murder or suicide? How far will they go?

Antonia Doggett, Taylan Halici, Ian Morgan, Juliet Prague, Stefanie Sachnenmaier

Lighting Design: Kristina Hjelm

Direction: Peader Kirk